About us

The Ciserom story begins in 1927 , when Gustav Bahner from Liechtenstein , a neighborhood of Oberlungwitz in East Germany establish a small sock factory called G.B.L.

Ciserom Technology

Our strenght is the quality of the products resulting from an efficient technological process and performing machines , associated with a quality control over the entire production flow.

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Today the company is tooled up with a series of equipment, such us:

  • electronic knitting machines with one cylinder , gauge 14 E , with 108 to 168 needles
  • new electronic knitting machines with one cylinder , gauge 14 E , with 156 and 168 needles
  • electronic knitting machines with double cylinders , with 84 , 96 and 176 needles
  • electronic knitting machines , 4" diameter , with 112 to 168 needles
  • mechanical knitting machines with double cylinders , gauge 14 E , with 120 to 176 needles
  • hand-linking machines
  • linking machines type Rosso , with turnover device and without turnover device
  • last generation boarding machines Tecnopea
  • device for special treatment applied on socks with : silicone softener , aloe vera softener , antimicrobial and antibacterial products
  • machines for shutting the socks in lots using plastic pins , in one side or on both sides
  • machines for printing the variable information on labels
  • sewing machines for labels with automatic label supplier and without it
  • computers and scanners for scanning the labels code bares


  • The system of quality management ISO 18001 / 2007 ensures the development of a sort of competences, among which:

    1. Creation of a working system with low risks for injuries and/or occupational illness.
    2. Achievement of a better control of risk factors for injury and/or occupational illness.
    3. Transparency and effectiveness in occupational health and safety management by translating the results of risk assessments, audits, inspections etc., in action plans to minimize the risks of accidents.
    4. Obtain of better performances for employees by providing “wellness” at work.
  • OEKO -TEX ® Standard 100 is an independent examination and certification system for textile products regarding the use of hazardous substances.

  • ISO 9001 is a certification program developed by The International Organization for Standardization, and it represents a strategy of management that improves the business relations of a company.

    ISO 9001 involves the existence of a solid organizational structure to ensure the efficiency in production. The result consists in the increase of productivity and incomes and also fewer errors in production. Such performances help us to improve relations with suppliers and consumers but also to increase the staff’s morale through knowing the impact of individual activity on company, fact which leads to the increase of employee’s morale.

  • Gustav Bahner establish the socks company in Sebes

  • The company was extended under German leadership.

  • The company pass in state patrimony.

  • Under Russia's administration the company gets a new name: TEBA

  • The company is under taken by Romanian state.

  • Because of new technology production increase four times and the number of employers six times.

  • The name of the company change into Ciserom

  • The company was privatized.

  • Ciserom celebrate 90 years of tradition in socks field.