Frequent Questions

What are the payment terms?

The price we propose are EXW.

The payment term we accept is a 30% advance on the order confirmation and 70% before the delivery, when the order is ready.

You have an export distributor?

We do not have a distributor/broker, we produce for various companies under their brands in the following countries: Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Iceland, Greece.

How long does production last? How much time need for production?

The time to complete an order depends on the quantity and the available production capacity at a given time.

The time to complete an order is calculated from the date of sample product, the packing sample and the advance payment of 30%.

How long does the shipment last? How much time need for delivery?

Deliveries in Romania last between 3-5 days with an agreed and paid courier by the client.

For deliveries in Europe, the customer has to organize and pay for his shipment and the duration depends on the type of courier, the courier service agreed and the distance.

Can you make custom socks with customer design?

Yes, the client can send graphic desing jpg or bmb.

The maximum number of different colors per row is 4.

The total number of different colors on the sock is 6.

How much does your custom socks cost?

Prices are based on the product category, composition, ordered quantity, the complexity of the design and the desired packaging.

If you want to get an exact price offer, you need to send us the informations above and we will answer you.

What are the packaging ways you can achieve?

We can apply a simple label to each product. The label can be made by us if we have the design in an editable format jpg.

If you do not find answers to your questions please contact us by writing to the email address